Does Straightening Damage curls?

x-luckygirl-xx-luckygirl-x Registered Users Posts: 2
I read a review of a straightener made by a person claiming the straightener turned her curls to frizz. I didn't think that straighteners changed the texture of your hair unless you straighten it when it's wet. I like the way my hair looks straigtened, but I definetly don't want to lose my natural curl because I wear it curly more anyway. Do any of you know anything about this? :happy2:


  • FearnotsomuchFearnotsomuch Registered Users Posts: 368
    I would think it is more the fact that you are damaging your hair each time you straighten, in return creating more frizz and less healthy curls.
    In DESPERATE need of a haircut.
  • Libra08Libra08 Registered Users Posts: 242
    It does damage your hair. I know from experience. I've been straightening my hair with a flat iron for a few years and the front part of my head remains straight with a very, VERY slight curl. All the heat loosened my curls and they are very frizzy. Just say no to heat....

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