should I cut my curls off?

Hi, I'm a newbie. :help: I've learned a lot from this site, and my curls are finally becoming a bit more manageable. But *nothing* will control my frizz. I buy a new product, it helps a little, but not much. Then I buy something else and get the same result. I can't afford to keep buying all of these products, but I start a new job soon and have to look professional. The frizz makes me look awful.

I don't touch my hair while it's drying, and try not to touch it any other time. Any suggestions what to do? I'm either a 2a or a 3a.


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    I just read the post about using KY in curly hair. I was having a frizzy hair day today so I thought I would just try getting my hair a little wet and then putting in the KY to see what would happen. Turns out, it took the frizz right away. Maybe you should give that a try!
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    Trust me, there's always a way to get your frizz under control. :) I used to think the same thing, but then I found this site and spent way too much time on here looking up products, techniques, etc, and now I have the curls I've always wanted!

    First, do you heat style your hair a lot? Color it? If so, it's probably damaged and you need to use a good deep conditioner. If it's really damaged, you could try doing a protein treatment first and then a moisturizing deep conditioner.

    Is your hair fine? Thin? Thick? Those are all important and help you decide which products to use. Post everything you know about your hair, and I'll see if I can recommend some products. :)
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    curlybean-Thanks for that tip, that's something that would never have occurred to me!

    fluffywonderdoodle-Thanks for the encouragement.

    I never color my hair, and almost never heat-style it-I just let it air dry (wrapped in a towel that I got from Curly Hair Solutions). It's really fine, and dry. It's shoulder-length (not layered) when wet. I was using Curly Hair Solutions leave-in conditioner, and it made my hair soft, but really dull-looking and still frizzy. Their [buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink] gave me great curls, but wow, it was crunchy. Right now I'm using Redken's smooth-down shampoo and conditioner, and MopTop styling gel. This combo has given me the best results so far, but I'm still really frizzy. Thanks for any input you can give me!
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    Well, I definitly recommend using a deep conditioner about once a week, especially if your hair is dry. If you can order online and have quite a bit to spend, definitly get Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment! If you have less to spend, try [buylink=]Curl Junkie Hibiscus Banana Deep Fix[/buylink] Treatment. Or just try finding a good one at a local beaty supply store. But DEFINITLY use a DT!

    It sounds like your hair isn't so damaged, so that's good. When you're styling you hair, before you put your gel in, put in some leave-in conditioner. I use & love Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine (Curl & Shine works too) Leave-In, and so do other curlies on this board. Also, apply your styling products while your hair is still soaking wet, then use your towel to scrunch out the water, or twist it up. After it's been towel dried, scrunch in a bit more gel. Don't put too much product in, or it could weigh your hair down since it's fine.

    Good luck!
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    You're probably going to regret cutting them off if you do!
    There's LOTS of good frizz-control products you can get to tame your lucious curls!

    Just remember - EVERYONE has bad hair days. Just flush those bad thoughts down the toilet, and have fun with it!
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