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Ok my first post but I've been lurking forever. The soaking wet hair product application is by far the best tip I've used to help my hair become clumpy and curlier. I'm hoping you guys can help me with something I've always had an issue with. It started with BRHG. After my usual routine I applied this and it instantly turned my squishy hair to umm water?, very weird feeling, squishy feeling gone. This results in very stringy hair. My Suave Pro firm hold gel never did this. So I just continued using my Suave until I ran out. So I've been on a hunt for a new gel and I'm dying here! I bought the Biologe Gelee and it does the weird feeling thing. Others I've tried that do it are La Bella Curls, LA Looks Sport, LOOB, Suave Sculpting Freeze Gel 10, and Pantene Curls Gel. So, is it an ingredient issue? I've tried to find an ingredients match to the Pro Gel and I can't do it.

Sorry for the long first post. Any help you all can provide would be wonderful.
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    Hey i totally agree. i have the discontinued suave firm pro and its my HG of gels ( only a few tubes left! ). When i run out ill probably be screwed too since i cant find any gel that compares to it yet. I hear the new LA looks durahold has some potential to work great (great reviews on it already ) so im gonna try that out next to see if its the same as suave pro. I get such great clumpy curls using the suave that i think its cuz of the Jojoba in it. :happy2:
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    tinicurlyd--I've been following your quest and it's the reason I've tried the ones that I have. I just want my squishy feeling back. It's awful the feeling I get from all those gels and it just breaks up the clumps big-time. I've been using various mousse's lately over GF curl creme. It's not Suave Pro but it's best I've found. I use Joiwhip and PM Sculpting foam. It's not helping the frizz at all this summer. I wish I knew the ingredient that causes the weird feeling I get in my hair.

    Thanks for responding!
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