It's NOT fair..*VENT*

AmyVAmyV Posts: 14Registered Users
I want BIG :afro: hair!!!!

WHY is it that when we want to, we can find the cure for disease...yet there is NO magic pill to help people grow thick long hair !?!?!?

Help me to understand, O' wise one.

I swear...I have been growing my hair out for months now, and it looks like there is NO FLIPPIN' difference. It is just not growing, and I am getting frustrated (obviously).

WHINE* SOB* SNIFF* ......okay, I am done venting now. Thank you all for letting me cry.

I think wwe need to start a "hair growing chant" thread :laughing9:


  • CaleilaniCaleilani Posts: 728Registered Users
    Are you taking any vitamins and supplements AmyV? My hair started growing faster when I started taking supplements last Spring 2006.HTH :afro:
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  • AmyVAmyV Posts: 14Registered Users

    Thanks for the suggestion. Nope...I take plenty of vitamins daily, however I don't take any specifically for hair growth. I really never believed they worked.

    Hmmnnnnn.....Maybe I should start a poll and ask how many peple noticed a difference after the took suppliments.

    Thanks! Maybe I'll really give vitamins a try.
  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    It does seem like watching paint dry. But I joined the Grow Out Challenge 2008 -- not to challenge my hair to grow, but to be conscious of its growth (measuring monthly, regiment, etc.). And it's growing. Before this I didn't notice a difference. Also if you hair is getting curlier, the curls are hiding any new length.
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  • CaleilaniCaleilani Posts: 728Registered Users
    AmyV,beleive me the vitamins have helped my hair to grow faster since taking them last year,I'm about 4 inches from waist length when stretched.I've been on prescribed meds. since 1997 when I cut my waist length hair to a short bob,my hair grew back to my shoulders and stayed there until last year when I started popping the vitamins.Here's what I take: 5mg. of Biotin,2,000mgs. of MSM,3,000and something mgs. of Fish and Flaxseed Oils,1300 mgs. of Inositol,500mgs. of VitaminC,Centrum,and Calcium supplements for my bones.I'm still on alot of prescribed meds.,but I know the vitamins helped because my hair is much longer.HTH
    3B-3C, alittle past tailbone length,age:41 years
  • mariag002mariag002 Posts: 3,557Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Calelani, I take MSM every day and cod liver oil. The cod liver oil is not for my hair I just take it whenever I feel a cold coming on or if my throat hurts.

    I've had good hair growth with MSM and if anybody is interested, you can see the hair growth in my FOTKI page. I don't know if its the MSM or just my normal growth but I take it anyway since its good for my bones.
    - Maria

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