Returning to curls

measammeasam Registered Users Posts: 56
Ten years ago I cut off my curls and started blowing my hair out straightish. I thought that was freeing, but really it was denying my curly-self, damaging my hair and dare I say my self-esteem.

Well, I am over it. I am going back to the curl and growing it out. The tips here have been invaluable as I coax the curl back to life and learn to treat my hair and myself with some love and respect!

I'm 3(b) and PROUD!

Thanks a bunch!!!!

(The only downside is the product junkie within is rearing it's ugly and expensive head!)
Growing out my 3(b) curls!


  • !C u r l y!!C u r l y! Registered Users Posts: 16
    Curly hair is so much more fun than straight hair.
    I love the fact that while natural curlies are born with it, people with straight hair pay lots of money to get the look!
    Just goes to show that curly hair is such a gift!!
    Proud to be a 3B curly!
  • measammeasam Registered Users Posts: 56
    It is more fun! and I am loving (mostly) the way that people are reacting now that I have given up the blow dryer and iron.

    "Did you get a hair cut?" "No" " I this is just my hair doing it's own thing" "But you got it cut differently" "No"

    or my favorite "How long did it take you to curl your hair like that?" umm . . . "I don't remember. It happened in the womb!"

    Not loving the "I like your hair staighter/smoother comments" but most people have more tact.
    Growing out my 3(b) curls!

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