Another Durahold Rave...

after reading all the good reviews about la looks durahold gel, i caved and ordered some (i can't find it anywhere?)...and i am very impressed! it held up the entire day during what was pretty much the most humid day of the summer - for a girl whose hair has NEVER survived a day of even mild humidity, this is a huge deal! thank you guys all so much for recommending it! : ) i love it!


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    Oh no. Here comes my inner PJ...and I just saw this stuff at Eckerd, too. :blob5:

    Have you ever tried the LA Looks Sport? How does it compare?

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    i haven't tried the sport, but it seems like alot of the ladies here like the durahold more. i'm not too sure what the differences between the two are - anyone have input on this one?
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    Check this out -- my anal questioning about gels: :lol: