UGH! breaking out all over shoulders/back...

Before I was CG, I was using products that were very... un CG haha. Lots of sulfates, 'cones, all that stuff. After a while I started to break out a lot of my shoulders, back, and sometimes a bit on my chest/front of my shoulders. And it wasn't small little things, they were big and gross. :pukeleft:

After I went CG, it cleared up considerably for a while. But lately, it came back! Now the break outs are much smaller and not big and gross, but it's more like a lot of scattered little-ish zits. Ugh. Even if I change my products, it is still there. WHAT COULD IT BE?!?! I have definitly been too lazy to compare ingredients and see if they are similar... there's way too much to compare!!

What can I do? Do any of you have this problem? Are there any ingredients that are known for causing breakouts or clogging pores? I know it must be my hair products because the soap I use is very gentle and I rarely use lotion. I also get these breakouts on my forehead, since my hair touches it.

HELP! Thanks in advance. :)


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    I know someone on the board had issues with laureth-23. Do you let your hair sit on your back while styling/drying? Try to keep a towel on between your hair and skin to prevent the product soaking into your skin.
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    Mica gives me the little zits you are describing. Those little sparkly dudes are sharp and burrow into my skin.
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    I've had the same problem I never figured out what caused it though.
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    Ick, I have the same problem. Taking my showers in the following order helps to alleviate these hideous carbuncles from welling up on my back:
    1. Get in shower, wet hair, CO wash and condition.
    2. Leave conditioner in as I shave my legs, armpits, etc.
    3. Rinse hair out and pin it up or put on a shower cap
    4. Wash body with a body wash that contains salicylic acid or whatever acne fighting ingredient works well for you (I'm leery of using benzoyl on my body since it bleaches clothes, washclothes, etc.)

    This way, I effectively wash all the conditioner gunk off of my back and prevent a waxy residue of dead skin cells and hydrophobic conditioner components. Your susceptibility to acne caused by comedogenic ingredients in conditioner largely depends on heredity. Some people can bathe in motor oil every day and not get so much as a single pimple. People like me can raise welts and pimples on their complexions by crossing their eyes in the mirror. Good luck on getting rid of the nasty little boogers. I hope I've been somewhat helpful.
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    Thanks for all the help everyone! I think I'll try doing what a couple of you have mentioned, by clipping my hair back and then washing my body, and not let it touch my bare shoulders/back after that. I do use products with amodimethicone in them... that could be a problem. I do love my stuff though. :) I have sensitive skin too, it seems like many things make me break out. I guess I just need to be more careful.

    Thanks again!