Where do I start?

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Hi All,

I am new here. I have been reading and reading but feel like I could read this board forever!!! It has so much information - I love it!

I am wondering - where do I start to get my hair on track? I am a (naturally) 2a/b But I broke down a few weeks ago and got a perm because I was sick of having not really curly hair but not straight either.

So my hair is more of a 3A on the bottom - but 2a on the top (Hmmm - so which category should I be in? Is there a "permed" category) I am having a tough time with getting any curl or colume on the top of my hair - even with the perm.

I have read about only shampooing once a week. Do I start there? I also read about clarifying - what is that? Do I need to clarify before I start cutting down the shampooing?

I am sure this is posted in a link somewhere - I am sure these questions have been asked a thousand times. :)

Thanks for you advice! :happy7:
Forever trying to find the perfect curl


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    If you go to the no shampooing section the first topic explains how to get started.
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    Forever trying to find the perfect curl