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Kris KurlKris Kurl Registered Users Posts: 28
Following info on the main board about a product Kinky-Curly Jojoba jelly, available in Europe from the site:

I just checked out the site. The product sounds good. The site is written mostly in Dutch - this is not a problem for me because I can read Dutch, but I can't tell if they export or not, the info seems to be missing... :?

Is there a native Dutch speaker out there who can take a look & see if I missed this info on the site? :)


  • KesseKesse Registered Users Posts: 37
    The info isn't on the site. I havent seen it. I think it is best to mail her if you have any questions. Dont get discourage because of some missing info. Much love
    mostly 4a, some 3c natural
  • faryellefaryelle Registered Users Posts: 21
    I send an e-mail and ask and they do export the products yes
  • Kris KurlKris Kurl Registered Users Posts: 28
    Thanks all.

    I did email them too. I said so in other threads, but I forgot to put it here... :D
  • faryellefaryelle Registered Users Posts: 21
    I ordered the jojoba jelly and I received an e-mail that it is in backorder!!!!! they are selling more than expected. I hould have mine at the end of next week
  • McCurlyMcCurly Registered Users Posts: 200
    Did some of you already receive the jelly?
    Is it a nice product? Does it look more to a gel or a leave-in?

    I am curious and would like to hear more about it before ordering it.
    Corkscrew 3B
  • Kris KurlKris Kurl Registered Users Posts: 28
    Hi McCurly. My order arrived yesterday. I ordered the jojoba jelly and Marley's hairmilk (made from fruit products mostly).

    Today I am trying the jelly. My hair is still drying, so I won't know exactly how well it works till later on. The instructions say to work it all the way through hair after normal shampoo & conditioning. It is a clear product, very smooth and transparent like a gel. So far my hair feels very soft. It felt a bit crunchy when I first applied it, but as it dries the crunch seems to be disappearing.

    The backup of orders is partly due to this site! I told Janine that Sisay had been recommended here, and she said that must explain the extra orders she has received. :D

  • McCurlyMcCurly Registered Users Posts: 200
    Hi Kris Kurl,

    I hope that this try will be a success for you.
    What hair type do you have? I am a 3B (I think) but my hair is fine even I f I have a lot of hair so it is really tricky to find products that are moisturizing and that give some hold to my crazy hair.

    The weather here does not really help: rainy, windy, humid.... It is currently very cold so it does not help either but anyway, something has to exist in the world that could work for me.
    In Scottland you have surely to deal with a tough climate, isn't it?

    Please, keep posting the effects of the jelly on your hair so thatI know if I should make an other hole in my pocket to buy it :wink:
    Corkscrew 3B
  • faryellefaryelle Registered Users Posts: 21
    I was wondering if you alredy tried the jojoba jelly and if you liked it.
  • Kris KurlKris Kurl Registered Users Posts: 28
    Faryelle, I have tried the jojoba jelly, and posted about it on the main board. It is a clear gel with no smell.

    Yes, I like it, I would recommend it. It helps to make my hair feel soft, and also helps with shrinkage. However, I feel it needs another product with it too while drying. I use Boots.

    HTH. :D
  • faryellefaryelle Registered Users Posts: 21
    obviously the JJ is doing very good. it is on backorder both in the USA (kinky-curly) and in Europe (sisay).

    I have also ordered the new product (custard) and I really liked that. my favorite is the JJ though (the custard has a lemon smell )

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