Should a relationship require work?



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    I've been married for a long time and it definitely takes effort, no question. Even if the two people are committed and extremely compatible, there awill always be issues and external factors that arise that have the potential to cause trouble - kids, aging parents, in laws, career issues, etc. that will require effort to get through.

    In a good marriage, you are willing to put forth the effort so it may not seem like "work."

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    I can't speak for long-term relationships, because no guy has ever thought it was worth the "work" or "effort" to keep me around for any length of time. But I can always tell that things won't work out when trying to keep his attention leaves me exhausted. That is the kind of work that relationships should not require.

    In theory, anyway. Even the Wise Anthro in her advancing age finds herself saddled with self-doubt and low esteem when guys who profess to enjoy her company find themselves too busy to ever actually partake in said company. At times like this, even a dog-eared copy of He's Just Not That Into You cannot help Anthro realize that she deserves better, and she continues to put forth great work and effort to convince unattainable guy to be that into her.
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