Will it get better?

A couple of years ago I was about 3a. Now I'm between 2a and 3a. In the span of 4 years I've bleached my hair maybe 6 times, dyed it on average about 1.5 times per month, highlighted it 2 times, and permed it once. I know, I'm surprised I still have my hair too :shock: I regret deeply all the damage I've done to my poor hair. Now, my question is will the curl come back in the new growth? I fear that I somehow screwed the texture up permanently. The good news though, is that I'm taking care of my hair now, so I hope it helps.


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    My hair has lived between the plates of a 300 degree flat iron for the past 5 years and its recovering nicely. I would have faith in your hairs resilience. :wink:
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    I think it will get better. I fried my hair with a chemical dye about 1 1/2 years ago, and my hair is growing in nicer then ever. In the meantime, baby your hair when you get the chance, damaged hair is often thirsty for protein and deep conditioning treatments. You can get some improvement to damaged areas, not all the way, but some.

    If you look in my foki, under the devaproducts folder, you will see my hair from a few months ago. All the redish hair, especially where there isnt much curl just a wave, is the dye, where I fried it. And my hair looked like a brillo pad for the first few months, and my root curls are Fab-utasic. Even on my bad days, I still get plenty of compliments on my curls. So there is hope.
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    My sister, a hair stylist, had super straight, sleek hair until recently. She, of course had been dying it like crazy over the years and permed it twice. But now, it grows in curly.

    I don't understand that!
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