distinguishing protein buildup from damage

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This is my first post; I just registered 'tho I've been lurking awhile.

Before browsing this site/these forums, I had no idea that protein in hair products could possibly have negative consequences, and as my hair is naturally fragile/ breakage prone and sometimes colored, I've always made a point of choosing products with protein.

So now I'm worried....but there are 3 points I'd like clarification on. 1. Is it possible for someone with fragile and/or damaged hair to have a protein sensitivity, or is it only an issue for those fortunate ones with strong, healthy hair? 2. From what I've read thus far, the symptoms of protein buildup and the symptoms of damage seem to be the same...so how does one know which one has? 3. Is protein buildup a potential problem only for those on strict CG routines, in other words, those who never use any form of shampoo? Could someone (me) who occasionally(like bi-monthly) washes with a gentle shampoo or veg. soap ("shampoo bar") rest assured that protein is not a problem for them?

Eagerly awaiting enlightenment...


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    The best way to find out for sure is to stop using the products containing protein for a few days, to a week, and during this time, use moisturizing products. This will counteract the protein build up. If it's really dry/damaged, it will still be dry/damaged. If it's the protein, then your hair will be noticeably softer.

    It's not necessarily a build up of protein that will cause the dry feeling. My hair is pretty dry and damaged. If I use protein in a leave in product, my hair will feel incredibly dry and crispy. I do okay w/ protein if it's rinsed out, say in a conditioner. Wheat Protein high up on the ingredients will give me problems no matter what.

    It's kind of trial and error to find these things out.
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    That makes sense....thanks. In that case, I doubt if I have a problem w/ protein....yesterday I used Giovanni's leave-in (soy protein is the 2nd ingredient) and HE's mousse (more soy protein, + 2 forms of wheat protein), and my hair was softer and silkier than usual.

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