Mono-vision contact lenses...

kamagukamagu Posts: 165Registered Users least that's what I think they're called...they're the ones where you see distance out of one eye and close-up w/the other eye...

Has anyone used these before? Pros/cons? How long does it take to adjust to them? Or is it easier just to use regular contact lenses w/reading glasses?

My eye Dr. just gave me a trial pair to try out for a couple of weeks, and so far, they're driving me crazy...any advice/comments on them would be greatly appreciated. TIA!
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    I hated them....
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  • yagottaloveyacurlsyagottaloveyacurls Posts: 5,766Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    see distance out of one eye and close-up w/the other eye...

    Sorry, I don't have any feedback for you, but man, that's giving me a headache just thinking about it... :shaking:
  • Myradella3Myradella3 Posts: 2,481Registered Users
    I kinda have mono-vision. There's something wrong with my left contact lens so I just don't wear it anymore. By only wearing the right lens, for distance, I have mono-vision since the left eye is used for close-up.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I tried mono -vision contacts for a couple of months but didn't much like them. I felt I couldn't see clearly enough driving at night, and reading was annoying with one eye fuzzed out. I went back to having both contacts for distance, and reading glasses for close work. Which has its own annoyances.

    My poor sister has a lot of vision problems -- besides being as nearsighted as I am, she has bad floaters, the beginnings of cataracts, and some kind of macular changes. Mono-vision is not working for her. She may have to wear glasses full time until the cataracts "ripen."
  • kamagukamagu Posts: 165Registered Users
    Thanks all for your responses...everyone that I've asked about them hasn't liked them'll be a week I've been using them tomorrow, and my eyes aren't adjusting well to them. Looks like it's regular contacts w/reading glasses from now on.
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    that's what I wear, and I love them. I walked right out of the Dr.'s office with them in and drove home! good luck!
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  • SarahMarieSarahMarie Posts: 901Registered Users
    My dad had Lasik a few years ago, but found later that he needed reading glasses. For a while, he just wore one contact. I think he went back to reading glasses while he was waiting for another eye appointment. He loves just wearing the one contact and has never had a problem with it.

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