recommend a good long wear lip color

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I have stopped using the long wear lip colors because they are so drying. I always ended up with chapped lips and the stuff was never comfortable either.

I'd like to try a new one....

I've used the Chanel one which was ok, the Outlast and the one by Max Factor.
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    MAC Pro Longwear
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    My favorite's the Chanel. I just don't like that there are so few colors.

    Stila makes a felt tip pen lip color. You have to put your own lip gloss or lipstick over it. Since it's more of a stain, it's not drying.
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    Revlon Colorstay
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    Was the Outlast drying too? I was looking at that one. I was also just looking at the Mac Pro Longwear today on the website. A coworker has been using that one and likes it other than the clear gloss that was with it had sparkle in it and she doesn't like that.
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    Do any of these not kiss off? I'm in a play and need something that will, well, stay on ME and not the person I have to smooch :-)
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    I've tried long-wearing lipcolor versions from Revlon, Covergirl, Max Factor, Clinique and Lancome. Of these, I find Lancome the best as the others flaked off my lips in patches, forcing me to have to completely reapply after about 3-4 hours. Clinique was a good runner-up as there seemed to be less flaking. Lancome's version faded into a stain, unlike the first four and more so than Clinique, so I was left with some pigment to my lips (beyond my own lip color). If you religiously apply the glosses several times throughout the day, the colors fare better, but I don't always have time to do that--hence the reason for wanting to find a good long-wearing l/s. Lancome didn't really feel drying like the others. It also did a good job at not leaving a mark.
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    bumping for violets!
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