Hey everyone! Posted this in 3c as well... :)

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Because I think I'm a mix between 3c and 4a? Or 4b?

Ok, so my album is down because my camera effed up and I need to update like whoa. Anyway...after five years of being natural, I'm still a little iffy about my hair type. I know it doesn't matter all that much and stuff, but I think it's a cool system and want to know in which category(ies) I fit into. So, here's a description of my hair, with some pics I found off the internet to give you a general idea...

1. My hair is extra, extra thick and varies from thin (on top of my head and above my ears where the hair is loosest.) For this reason, I really can't wear a "picked out" afro anymore because the top of my head just fluffs and lies flat. Overall, I'd say the majority of my hair has this thickness and this girls' shape:


or maybe this girl:


2. Near the nape of my neck, the 's-curls' into corkscrews (the ones you can pull and the spring back into shape with a boing!), They are always the most defined part of my hair and about the diameter of a pencil and look like this:


3. Then, I have a patch of hair above my temples that are really coarse and really don't define into anything - not zig zags or anything. It's also alone my hair line...it looks like this guy:


I also save this image a couple of years ago because I thought she was the closest to what my hair looked like in terms of how fluffy and undefined it was until you reached the ends of my hair:


So, what do you think? I know it's a lot, but it would be a big help...lol!

Thanks!! :)
<3 C :oops:
Ashley Chelsea <3

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