Please help me buy maternity clothes



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    I'm at the stage where some things (like my favorite jeans) just feel too tight. I tried on jeans in a larger size, but they were too baggy everywhere else. :sad10:

    I tried making a belly band from an old tank top, and I've tried the rubberband trick, but I just feel weird with my pants not fastened. :wink:

    I think I'll be living in my stretchy pants for a while.

    a bella band is a hugely worth it investment! i've been using it for the past month or so with my regular pants unbuttoned, and now i'm using it around some maternity pants and skirts that are still too big in the bump area.

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    Believe it or not jcpenney's has a cute maternity line. I found some really cute work clothes at decent prices.

    I didn't do Old Navy and Target much this time. My stuff from pregnancy #1 either fell apart or got little balls on them (e.g. dresses). Also, since I had a different season and I hadn't lost all my baby weight, I had to start from scratch.

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    target's maternity clothing often looks better than the regular women's clothing!

    I agree. I often migrate to those clothes until I realize, "Oops, this is maternity stuff." :blackeye:

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