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Dancebabe885Dancebabe885 Posts: 38Registered Users
Today in the post there was a section on how to manage your hair in the summer, and for all the other hair types they told how to use the right products etc... but for the curly haired girl, they did Brazilian straightening...Why is it that curly always has to be made into straight before people think it's pretty? ugh!


  • AmandacurlsAmandacurls Posts: 6,252Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I agree with you, I hate it that they straighten everyone's curly hair whenever they do a "makeover" or whatever, instead of teaching them how to deal with their hair. It's annoying, not everyone with curly hair wants to straighten it. Personally whenever I straighten mine I have to be so careful to not come in contact with any humidity, heat, water, etc, or it's all over! My hair looks uglier straight, I think!
  • keikokkeikok Banned Posts: 585Banned Users
    i agree...and they recommended the brazilian straigtening technique? do they think all of us curlies are rich or something?

    my fotki-its a work in progress
  • AmandacurlsAmandacurls Posts: 6,252Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Apparently we have to be to battle our ugly messy hair! I'm sick of the stereotypes of people with curly hair. Anyone on TV or in movies who has curly hair has to have it straightened or is the weird hippie type. I'm a pretty conservative person (Republican et. at) and a professional in the business work environment. I hate it when it's insinuated that I have to straighten my hair to look "professional" or when guys say "you're so hot when your hair is straight". Any guy who says that is never given a second thought by me!
  • hunnybeemayhunnybeemay Posts: 75Registered Users
    The Brazillian method is extremely dangerous and toxic, too. It uses formaldahyde and requires masks and ventilation. Absolutely crazy in my opion. Let's see: Risk my health or go curly? Tough one.

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