LaCoupe Perfect Curls & Phyto Organics Enphuse-Sale or S

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Up for Sale or swap is:

LaCoupe Perfect Curls Define Curl Shaping Lotion 3.4 FL oz. (Shapes and defines thick, curly or wavy hair; eliminates frizz) It is about 65% full.

Phyto Organics Enphuse Intensive Reconstructor by Nexxus 5 FL oz. (Adds unsurpassable softnness, elasticity and shine to even the most severley damaged hair). Also about 65-70% full.

Both were purchased about 3 weeks ago so they are not old products...I just bought them before joining on this site, and now all I want to do is just try so many new products I had never heard about which has taken my Product Junkie-ness to an all time high LOL.

If you are interested make me an offer .

I am currently a 2C who wants to be a 3...I'm trying for anything that will make my limp boring waves into bouncy curls...ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Just and FYI this be better in the swap board :D .. youll be able to find lotts of curlies who would love your PJ stash !
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