Product application help for a type 2B wavy?

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I have wavy hair that could stand to have more wave enhancement. The only other problem is frizz.

Right now I have Garnier sleek and shine leave in, HEBE gel, HEBE mousse, Suave healthy curls spray gel, and a MF hair turban.

I don't know which to use or how to use them. I always style my hair when I get out of the shower, but lately I've been using the Garnier on soaking wet hair in the shower.

I don't really know how to best apply mousse/gel/spray gel (of course not all 3 at once:P) or when/how to plop or dry with the MF towel.

any advice?


  • HeatherDawnHeatherDawn Registered Users Posts: 300
    I'd check your products and see if you have any 'cones in them. They will make your hair nice and slick as they build up, but they will do niothing to enhance your curl.

    Have you tried any oil treatments yet? Frizzies are usually caused by lack of moisture. I'd check you products (I stink at that or I'd help you out!) and then do a cleansing with Apple Cider Vinager or Baking Soda and then an oil treatment with jojaba and see how it looks then! Good luck!
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    I agree with HeatherDawn, you need lots of moisture to help calm those frizzies. I personally don't think that silicones are good for enhancing waves/curls either (I haven't touched them since the date on my signature).

    I find that if I use just one styling product on my hair, it looks much better. After I shampoo and condition, I leave in a little of the rinse-out conditioner, smooth in sections/scrunch in some gel, scrunch with a T-Shirt, then let air dry. after it's dry, lightly smoothing down the canopy with water then gel makes any surface frizz disappear.

    I haven't used mousse since going CG (I should try it soon), but I imagine that it would probably be best when applied to soaking wet hair. Same with the spray gel. I imagine that mousse is the lightest, followed by spray gel (depending on how watered-down it is) then gel, so what product you need (or don't need) depends on your hair texture.

    I find that discovering a good conditioner is 70% of the battle; while good gentle cleansers and styling product(s) are 15% each.

    Good luck!! :happy11:
    2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.
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    I scrunch with liquid aloe vera and it works well, you could try that

    aloe vera keep the waves nice a very long time, while creme or gel make it look crappy after just a short time ( for me anyway )
    2c dark blonde,shoulder length, growing out henndigo!
  • bostonwavesbostonwaves Registered Users Posts: 727
    I stick to all curl enhancing products. Anything else just weighs my hair down.

    I have fine wavy /curly hair and find any leave-in to be too much.

    I just use Deva No-Poo or Vo5 Tea therapy vanilla mint clarifying conditioner to wash.
    OneC or B2B jasimne curl enhancing conditioner for conditioning.
    [buylink=]Re:coil[/buylink] under Angel or Boots for curl enhancing.
    HTH :wink:
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