Allergic to PPD

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Hi....back in March i found out i was allergic to PPD. I haven't dyed my hair since then :( Wondering if anyone knows of anything good to use? I found one by Light Mountain but it looks so complicated!!


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    Light Mountain is henna but different shades are obtained by blending with other things (cassia and indigo, I believe). I have tried the powdered light mountain and did not have good luck with it. It was just too much of a process for me (I am neither coordinated nor patient though, so you might have better luck than I did).

    I am currently using Surya's Henna Cream, which does have ingredients other than henna but does not have PPD. I do my roots and then mix some of the henna cream with some deep conditioner for the rest of my hair and leave it on for an hour or two under a heat cap and it covers my grey completely. I really, really like it. I get it at
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    How did you discover your allergy? What were the symptoms?

    I remember anytime I would have my hair professionally colored I would kind of ache all over and feel really tired. I attributed it to sitting for so long. Now I wonder if that was an allergy to one of the chemicals in the color.
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    Mine was more of a localized reaction, burning and itching of my scalp. I also felt the way you described when I would leave the salon, but I attributed that to being sensitive to all the the smells (perms, acrylic nails, etc.)...tired and kind of in a fog.
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    I'm allergic to P-Phenylenediamine also.
    My scalp gets extremely itchy and inflamed for about 2-3 days after coloring. The itching actually wakes me up in the middle of the night.
    Right now I'm using a non permanent color. It sucks. I wash my hair every other day and it lasts for less than 2 weeks.
    I can't use the Demi-dyes either because they contain PPD.
    I'm thinking about switching to a henna but I'm not sure how it will cover the gray.

    I think I read somewhere on this board that if you put "sweet and low" in the hair color, that helps with the itching. I'm thinking about giving that a try.


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