Deva No-Poo and CG

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So...I'm a little confused.

Does Deva No-Poo count for most people on CG as their "conditioner A" and then a thicker conditioner as "conditioner B" ?

Or is it more commonly used once a week or so as a straight up shampoo? do you use it?
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    You can use it whenever and how often you want...however often works for something to wash your hair/scalp with. For me, personally, I can't use it that often because I get overconditioned very quickly from it. If, hypothetically, I were to wash my hair/scalp every day, i'd alternate between water washing and a using weak conditioner (like Suave) on a daily basis and maybe use the DC NoPoo maybe once every two weeks.

    But I'm guessing the way LM envisioned it is that water washing would be used most often and the No Poo be used once or twice a week as the only or primary product used for washing the hair/scalp.

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