Losing my curl with length?

quixoticmantisquixoticmantis Posts: 3Registered Users

I'm growing out my hair, currently at APL. I'm so scared that I'm going to lose my curl! Please, tell me that I'll still have even a little bit of my curls at waist length (my goal)......

I'm just getting such an urge to cut :shock: - I've been growing for a year from a pixie!

I have 2C/mildly 3A hair in spots :)


  • cymprenicympreni Posts: 9,609Registered Users
    It's hard saying really, some people can retain, others don't, some even gain some curl.

    I can show you some pics of girls I know with long curls for encouragement if you like.



    Miss Carolou

    You wont really know until you do it.
  • HeatherDawnHeatherDawn Posts: 300Registered Users
    Honestly I do loose some curl with the length, but it's a calculated trade off for me. Plus this time I have CG on my side! LOL! Hang in there. WHat's the worst that could happen? You can always cut it off after it's long, but I'd rather give it a try and see than never know....

    I have a picture of it long in my fotki I think....