3b--3c gel?

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Okay, so I have been experimenting...My problem with gels is that it looks great for a few hours, but the curls just end of poofy and kinda frizzy by the end of the day.(I don't touch it when it's drying) I need a gel that will maintain hold throughout the day, so HELP?? Oh, and I'm 13 so I'm not exactly rolling in money here lol. So, I would appreciate if the suggested gels or conditioners or whatever can be found at a drugstore, please! (like Walgreen's, cvs, even walmart) Any input is greatly appreciated! :D


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    Herbal essence set me up
    3b-3c CG
  • craziia111craziia111 Posts: 42Registered Users
    cool, i'll definitely try it. how do you put in gel, because i'm not sure if i do it all wrong =P
  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Posts: 2,369Registered Users
    Rub it between your hands and smooth it through wet hair.
    3b-3c CG
  • craziia111craziia111 Posts: 42Registered Users
    am i supposed to scrunch that gel too? or just smooth it over my hair?
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    It depends what works for you; there are no set rules. Some people fingercomb lightly, some rake (a little more force and actually pulling the product through your hair like a comb), some just smooth it in, some use a comb or brush, many section their hair before they apply to make sure it gets to all of the hair (usually people with medium-thick hair). I would recommend you try each of them and see what works best for your hair.
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    Fantasia IC Gel
    Thick 3c/4a
    :sunny: Goal: BSL curls!
    DevaCurl One C, Biotera Styling Gel, unrefined Shea butter, Honey, EVOO, Coconut oil, ACV rinses
  • craziia111craziia111 Posts: 42Registered Users
    thanks a bunch people! i'm definitely gonna search my nearest walgreens for some of these products and try the suggested methods! :D
  • craziia111craziia111 Posts: 42Registered Users
    well, enough about me! what products do YOU all use???
  • jeamariajeamaria Posts: 1,851Registered Users
    Gels I've used and liked:

    Ecostyler (pink)-smells horrible but is very defining with good hold (just don't overdo it)

    Ecostyler (brown)-Smells yummy like root beer! Not as defining and also has a softer hold that the former, but still a solid product.

    Fantasia IC (blue)- OK smell, good hold and definition

    Elasta QP Feels Like Silk-Smoothing and defining but 0 hold on my hair, I'm afraid, though others have used it and loved it as a styler, because unlike other gels it dosn't get crunchy or flake. I love it as a leave in.

    Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Jelly-Makes my hair very shiny. Smells wonderful. Very natural ingredients (unlike all the above) and you don't have to use too much (really you don't it can make your hair surprisingly stiff)
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    i really like ecostyler gel too but i use the clear one(sallys beauty store), i use this the most and i always go back to it t s very consistent

    and i also like kiss my face upper management gel( whole foods) still trying to figure out what leave in to use with it but its worth it b/c theingredients are great ( all natural)and it gives me good hold and basically no shrinkage
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    You can get this gel at walgreens, its called "freeze it." website is www.keybrands.com Next to curlisto's control II gel, it is the best gel and soooo cheap. Good Luck.
    the girl next door
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    hey people! i was on the hair recipes board, and one person said that she mixed aloe vera gel with honey and it makes a great styling gel. last night i tried it and it worked great! it leaves it a little crunchy but it works much better than the other gels i've tried :) i might just start using that as my main gel
  • craziia111craziia111 Posts: 42Registered Users
    might i add it has some crunch but i think i may have used a little too much honey :roll:

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