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So I recently (two weeks or so) started a mod CG routine and would like to do a DT. However, my scalp is getting a bit itchy, so I wanted to exfoliate at the same time. I think I'm going to try mixing coconut milk with brown sugar and see what happens.

Has anyone else tried something of the sort before? Or know of anything that would work?
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    im just 3 weeks into being cg also; my scalp seems to be doing ok so far. i use only karens bb hair milk; honey; and ic gel, and that seems to be working ok; but let me know how that mixture turns out.

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    I love brown sugar for exfoliating. I mix it in with my conditioner to do my conditioner wash.

    I also like baking soda for exfoliating and clarifying. I mix it with some water, pour it over my head, work it in, then rinse it all out.
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    It sounds great! For clean clean I would just use demerara or other coarse sugar and water. The coconut milk may leave fatty stuff.
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