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Hi, I am new here and am sooo thankful I found the site! I just wanted to know if there was anybody else out there that is trying to find something to help fight the frizz. I am a 3(a) with some 2(b)(c) on top and up until about a month and a half ago I was straightening for about a year straight! Don’t ask me why, I guess it was just a faze! Now that I am embracing my curly locks that I missed so much my hair is sooo frizzy! I know it is probably because of the heat damage, but I was hoping for a miracle leave – in treatment that might help besides the deep conditioning. Before going to the dark side (i.e. straightening all the time) I used Redken Moist Ends, but they do not make it anymore and so far I can not find a compatible one! I have tried the B’leave In from DevaCurl and Bumble and Bumble’s leave in and no luck! Any advice from you wise Curly Girls would be greatly appreciated :lol:
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    I think you have to give your hair some time to recover. I am not aware of a product that will fix it over night but with the CG and modified CG it will get there.
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    I have found that Garnier 3 minute mask is really a godsend. What I do, is after cleansing, apply 3 minute mask and put on a plastic cap and leave it on overnight. The next day my hair is SO silky smooth. If I need an extra boost, I use heat from the blow dryer thru the cap for about 15-20 minutes. Then sleep with the conditioner on. It's great stuff! :o
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    When I started I used a lot of Burt's Bees 2 minute treatment with shea and grapefruit.....I also mixed it with olive oil and that healed my split ends.
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