What, where, when, and hows of going shampooless

Hi! I'm new to this and am wondering what this going shampooless thing is. How does it work and DOES it work? Is there anything special to it? Do I put anything on my hair? How often do you guys do it? I'd be eternally grateful if anyone can help my poor dried, frizzy hair!
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  • itsjustmeghanitsjustmeghan Registered Users Posts: 652
    i guess i don't understand the pole question...do you mean hair length? or how long we've been doing the curlygirl routine?

    oh well...
    welcome to the site!!!!
    i've been doing the curly girl routine since 11/04. and i have to say, it's made my hair a lot curlier, healthier, and just all around better.
    basically you don't use shampoo. you scrub your scalp using conditioners that are free from silicone, so it breaks down the oils and the grime on your scalp.
    i guess the best thing to do is poke around on this site, buy the CurlyGirl book, and to get help get you started....go buy yourself a bottle of Suave Milk N' Honey conditioner, and a bottle of Suave Professionals line Firm control Gel.
    there are tons of posts in this column telling you how to do the program, but i think it's best to read the book. they have it for sale at borders, barnes and noble, and it the naturallycurly.com curlmart.
    check it out!
    and let us know how it goes!
    3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....

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