Is this clinginess normal?

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My four-month-old has started to be SUPER clingy to me. Before, she would go to anyone for a little while, and would let members of our family that she sees a lot, like my parents, hubby's parents, and my brothers hold her for a long time. Ever since we got sick, though, and were basically quarantined in the house for 5 days, not seeing anyone, she won't go to anyone but me and occasionally my mom, and then only for a little while before she sees me and wants me to hold her again. Is this clinginess normal? And what can I do to stop it? I mean, it's not like she doesn't know these people--my parents come over to see her almost every day!
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    Normal. I remember reading that btwn 4-6 months babies become clingy to whomever they are around most. I was worried because it was just at this time that Kennedy started child care. However, she never seemed to care that I wasn't there.
    The only reason I can come up with is that she also had many caregivers around during my 4 months of maternity leave so I don't think she really cared about who took her (as long as they had mommy's pumped milk).

    She's actually more attached to me now at almost 2.

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    Yes, it's normal. The only way to lessen it is for her to be exposed to those other people often. She'll get over it, but honestly, I see nothing wrong with babies being strongly attached to their mommies.
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    I see nothing wrong with babies being strongly attached to their mommies.

    That's a good point, and a good way to look at it. And I admit, I really like being the one who can always soothe her, and the one she loves the most!! :D
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    Southern gals rock :!:
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    Totally normal. My daughter was like this. She outgrew it, but it was rough on me at the time. Hang in there!
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    My dd didn't start to get clingy until close to a year. Now she's pretty much always hanging onto my leg. It's really cute, but when I have to take a few step, like from the sink to the fridge she just continues to hang on.

    The good thing is that even though she crawls at the speed of light, and is also starting to walk, she doesn't go too far. I don't really have to chase her around the house yet, if anything she chases me around.
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    One word....Enjoy

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