Quick styling tips to deal with Curly Hair? Help.


I just wanted to know if someone could give me some quick and easy styling tips for curly hair.

I'm a Type 3A, however my roots grow in straight.

I've really been trying to avoid using styling products,unless I put leave in conditioner to make it more sleek or I use gel for Up-dos.

I don't really have a lot of time and patient to style my hair or straighten it.

Any advice. Thanks!


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    I'm a 3a and straight roots too. I could never really find anything to do to make them curly though. So far my best "styling tip" would be to use the Sedusa Diffuser from curlmart. It's pricey but works great! It's big enough that I can fit most of my hair in it and it dries in about 15 minutes. I don't put any products in my hair, but this might take too long for you. Oh, and my hair is almost BSL (bra strap length) so your hair make take longer or shorter to dry.
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