I got tested & have the results. ???

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So I explained things from the following two threads & then some to my gyn doc during my annual in June. She had me do testing on day 21, day 3 & day 10.

Everything, except FSH, came back normal. She said the FSH shows reduced ovarian reserves, which is normal for someone my age & that yes, I could go into menopause up to age 60. And since there's no real testosterone limit to go by for women, she said she guesses that's normal too.

As for the facial-only (without sweats) flushing, fevers & headaches, she thinks I was reacting to either anesthesia that was given me for the surgery, maybe a tool or something else, or I had an infection.

She can't explain the peek-a-boo or hide & seek cycles though. And it was 3 days late this month, & left a couple days early like it's been doing for approximately the last year.




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