"To Bang or not to Bang"

KurleeKurlee Registered Users Posts: 1,354
I am curious of how the curly heads on the board have their hair cut in the "bangs/a couple of short curls around the face depertment".
I am especially interested of how those who get "Devachan cuts" have their hair. (Please comment! Do the devachan cutters seem to like cutting some curls a bit shorter in the front to frame the face?)

Seems my hair is big around the face and fall in my face if I wear it long. I need to get some ideas for my next cut... What does curly hair look best with? (If there is a generall best way..)



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  • lushaholiclushaholic Registered Users Posts: 2,180
    My shortest 'layers' around my face are to the bottom of the front of my neck. I've considered 'banging' many times, but then I just remind myself of how long it took me to grow mine out, and I swore never to do it again. I had bangs all through high school, and I remember being so envious of the blonde cello player who had an all one length bob (to her neck). But sometimes I think 'what if....'. Guess I'm just not ready to take that plunge yet and personally I haven't had any stylist to encourage me to do it either.
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  • KurleeKurlee Registered Users Posts: 1,354
    Argh! This means I should have had a "long layers around the face" as an alternative too. I don't think I can change that now. Lets put the long layers in the "long bangs" option. It is in a way what it is.

    Yeah, I hear ya! I have gotten bangs cut three times in my life. Far apart enough to forget how horrid I look in bangs.

    Some look really cute though, others like me, should never have thought the thought even. :wink:

  • sirenrisingsirenrising Registered Users Posts: 92
    My shortest lengths from my Devachan cut are right at the sides of my face - he cut them up to the bottom of my nose. Since I am a 3A, those curls are now more wavy than curly, which I like so its not all sproingy around my face. It was the first move he did on my whole head, and it immediately brightened things up. A stylist next to me was explaining to her client that she doesn't necessarily believe in symmetry anymore, because two different curls or sides may not WANT to do the same thing. Francis didn't cut my side bangs perfectly symmetric, either, but just about enough to look almost the same when curly. The "bangs" don't go very deep into my head at all... and there are about three curls in a row that get slightly longer after the "nose length" curl. I like it a lot - I hope that description helps.
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  • KurleeKurlee Registered Users Posts: 1,354
    Yes, thanks mollie!

  • NetGNetG Registered Users Posts: 8,116
    What Mollie described is what I think I'm going to do. Right now, I have a layered curly bob, longer in front than in back. I've decided a year and a half of short is enough, so I'm going to try long again. I'll definitely have face framing layers, though, because my hair looks more "done" with them, even if I don't do it at all!
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  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Registered Users Posts: 10,573 Curl Connoisseur
    I voted short, as my shortest layer is at cheekbone. I usually keep the front face-framing layers between cheekbone and bottom of ear. :) I have layers all over my hair too.
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  • superrach3superrach3 Registered Users Posts: 40
    My hair is shoulder length, and I have a few pieces on either side that are shorter. When my hair is down, they blend in with the rest of my hair. You only notice it when my hair is up. Then I have cute little curls that fall down around my face. I don't really know if those count as bangs or not!
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  • KinkyRootsKinkyRoots Registered Users Posts: 15
    I'm growing out my long layers around my face - but plan on keeping long layers elsewhere unless when I finally make it to NYC for Deva cut I hear different!!
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  • HaNeulHaNeul Registered Users Posts: 3
    No bangs for me, just everything at one length. Somehow bangs dont work on my face ^^;

  • plinkplink Registered Users Posts: 103
    Short ones, long ones and it's not like they're laying on my forehead.

    Francis cuts it different each time.


    None of my business(when did that ever stop me) but whenever I see your pics I think you would look great with longer wilder hair. Go for it.
    I have finally realized I look my best when my hair tells me how it is going to fall, and I just make suggestions.

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