Nature's Gate Conditioner - Where to buy??

Does anyone know if I can find this locally? Thanks.


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    I can usually find Nature Gates products in my grocery store if they have a decent natural products section. I have also seen it in natural food stores.
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    I get mine at a local Vitamin Shoppe and they're usually priced decently. Don't know where you are in NY - but on LI there are quite a few of them.
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    curlsofny wrote:
    Does anyone know if I can find this locally? Thanks.

    Try your local health food store also if you don't have Vitamin Shoppe nearby.
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  • laurabeth33laurabeth33 Posts: 1,443Registered Users lists retailers also. Not every place listed has the whole line, but it gives you a starting place.
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    I've seen Nature's Gate products in World Market stores and Kroger grocery store.
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    This is older packaging and possibly older formulas, but my local Big Lots store has TONS of NG stuff. It is all $1.50. I bought one of each thing they had just to try. I didn't care for any of it at all, but it was worth checking out for the price.
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    Thanks everyone!!