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I have tried cheap products, I have tried expensive products, all I really need is something to make my limp, lifeless, boring waves into nice bouncy curls...If I found something like that would work, price wouldn't matter. I am a 2c and my hair is very dry and like straw and if I don't put product in my hair I poof like the lion king. If anyone has tips or if they have my kind of hair, please write me cause I am desperate. I used to have bouncier curls but don't know what I am doing wrong now.

Thanks!!! :shock:
I am currently a 2C who wants to be a 3...I'm trying for anything that will make my limp boring waves into bouncy curls...ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!!


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    Well - I've found that the healthier my hair, the bouncier my curls are.
    So you may want to concentrate on getting your hair healthy first, then the curls kinda come with the healthy hair.

    Are you CG? You may want to try CG or modified CG. It does take a while to see results when first going CG, but I've found in the long run it was worth it for me. My curls were like a 2b when I first started and now I can get them to a 3b without product - just co-washing and conditioner.

    I also find that using all curl enhancing products work best for me - I like DevaCurl (so I use the no-poo, OneC and Angell) or Jessicurl (HCC, Aloba conditioner, rocking ringlet and [buylink=]Confident coils[/buylink])

    And I do plop for about 10 minutes and either air dry or diffuse. Check out the Jessicurl site for the videos on how she styles her hair. I pretty much do the sam thing.

    Also Deep treatments can really help. I like Jessicurl weekly deep treatment.

    Good luck.
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    If your hair is really dry, you might need to clarify and do a deep treatment.

    clarifying rec's:
    1. baking soda + water
    2. acv + water

    deep treatment rec's:
    organic aloe vera (whole leaf derived)
    jojoba oil+water or olive oil+water

    a few basic product rec's to try:
    L'oreal out of Bed
    Totally Twisted (--I think it's by Garnier?)
    Aubrey Organics B-5 Design Gel
    Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic Gelly
    Graham Webb Making Waves
    Aveda BeCurly
    Homemade Flax Seed Gel Recipe (should be in recipes if you do a search)
    Products and Books That Changed My Life!:

    1. Goddess Hair & Skin Recipe Book
    by Jane Johnson (

    2. Honey+Conditioner=The BestDang DT, Ever!

    3. Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta 'Poo&Cond.
    4. Hair Milk
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    I'm completely non-CG, and I've never had any problems with my hair. :]
    Okay, you hair sounds a lot like mine. If I don't put product on it at all then it don't have any real "curls" and it's just a fluffy mess. After many different hair cuts, products, and styles, I've found the solution!

    Here's my hair regimen!

    First, wash your hair with Sunsilk De-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. It'll help keep your curls under control and keep them from fluffing out.

    Next, towel dry your hair and apply Sunsilk De-Frizz 24/7 Creme. I use a quarter sized amount on my hair first, comb it through with my fingers and then add about a nickel-sized glob to it.

    Lastly, brush your hair into whatever style you want. (Put your bangs the way you want them, etc.) Use Garnier-Fructis Soft Curl. It comes in a little round container and the texture is like a really thick paste. Put a glob on your hand (about a nickel-sized glob) and rub your hands together until it turns white and stringy. Now, rub it between your fingers and comb through your hair (with fingers) in the direction that you want your hair to go (downward). Once you finish, see if you can feel any spots without it and apply it to those places. Now, "mess up" your hair. I just sort of scruch and fluff it.

    You will find that your hair will look better on days that you don't wash it and just re-wet it. Sure, you'll have build-up eventually, but try shampooing every other day. :]
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    plopping overnight with only condish and then putting gel in the next morning definitely makes my wavy-curls curly-curls!
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  • annie mayannie may Registered Users Posts: 87 rinse the CO before gel application, right?
    Getting curlier the longer I CG :-)

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