Restless leg syndrome

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I know that there was a discussion about restless leg syndrome somewhere but I can't locate it now.

Just saw this article in the NY Times that I thought some might find interesting.


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    This doesn't surprise me a bit because my mother had it and so do I; therefore, a gene that might be passed from one generation to another just seems logical.

    My one big complaint with the articles on restless leg syndrom is that the affliction itself has nothing at all to do with cramps. I do get leg cramps on occasion during the night, but nothing that I can't live with. My RLS though is a constant wanting to move my legs and feet. When sitting still, watching TV, or laying down to sleep at night, I have this terrible crawling feeling in my legs and I just have to move them. It is awful. I find it so hard to have a good time when visiting with people in the evening and we are just trying to have a conversation. I spend the whole time thinking about how I have to move my legs, but I don't have a problem with cramping.
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    I have it mildly in my left leg. My late grandmother had it. I don't know if my mom has it or not. Mine was diagnosed during a sleep test.

    So I was put on sinemet but since it wasn't bad enough to warrant taking a drug for it in the first place, though the drug made the RLS very noticeable while on it, I asked my doc if I could go off it. When I tried going off the drug my once unnoticeable form of RLS became a nightly terror. My body was addicted to the drug wanting a higher level of it.

    My body had to go through withdrawals, but once I got it out of my system I haven't had sleepless nights with buzzing twitching Thumper bunny legs since.
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    My Mom had it. I got it when I was 3 months pregnant with my 1st child. Both my daughters got in their 1st pregnancies also. Mine only give me problems when I am tired. I'm not on medication because I don't like the side effects. I once read that there was a woman who was home bound because of this. She couldn't even ride in cars or fly in planes. If mine was this extreme I would definitely go on medication.
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