Another good thing about CG

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Other than having healthier, more natural curls, I've also noticed my new products/routine don't bother my skin. My hair is an angled bob, in front it sits just below my chin. When I wear it just down, it does get in/on my face. I used to never be able to have my hair in my face, because where it touched would give me horrible irritation/breakouts (not flat-out pimples though, which is weird, they were just hard, under-the-surface things - sidenote, anyone know what that is??)

But yeah, no more of that problem now!

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    Woo! Yeah I've noticed the same thing. I still get the hormonal breakouts occasionally, but that's about it. My skin doesn't react nearly as often to the slightest little thing. It makes sense, of course, but it never occurred to me before I started CG that it might've been my hair stuff that was causing it all.
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    when my back started freaking out I had a feeling it was because of products. I changed soaps, no change. then I changed to alcohol-free condish and sulfate-free shampoo and everything calmed down.

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