Anyone part their hair?

And if so, how and when? I've been growing mine out since I cut off all of the dyed hair - and it's now long enough that I need to part it or somehow keep it from falling in my eyes. It's not long enough to pull back with anything but a headband. If we're not supposed to comb it except in the shower w/conditioner, how do you part it? Sorry if I sound like a complete idiot, I'm just trying to figure out this whole curly thing! :lol: By the way, I have 3a hair, for the most part.... TIA!
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    With wet hair, when I flip over and back up (gently), I kind of lean my hair to the right. This gives me a part on my left. Then I kind take a curl or two from opposing sides and cross them over, so the part doesn't look harsh.
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    In the shower after you detangle with conditioner in. It helps to wash it while keeping the part.
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    I used to just shake the roots a little with my fingers after taking it down from plopping (when I did everything upside down). Now I detangle in the shower then part and comb just a tad after putting in my leave-in and before my cream styler (I still do my gel upside down before plopping to keep everything from looking to flat or harsh).

    Now, this is now that my hair is long enough that the shaking out a natural part just doesn't work anymore. You could probably still do that though.
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    I part in the shower with conditioner in. The part gets a bit messed up when I rinse and plop, but it stays in the general area where I put it. I don't like having a really neat, straight part anyway... I think it looks kind of funny with curly hair.
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    I part after I towel-dry my hair. I use my fingers; this gives it a less "perfect" line, which I agree with Bailey looks a little odd on curly hair. If I'm doing tighter curls or an updo, I'll do what Becky does and take little sections from each side of the part and cross them over. If I'm just doing wavy, I'll just part with my fingers and leave it like that.

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    Well, I must be one of the odd ones, then, because I part my hair straight with a comb. After I take my hair down from my turbie twist (plop-style), I will shake my hair out some and then use my wide-tooth comb to make a part wherever I feel like having a part that day. I try to disturb as little of my hair as possible when making the part. Then I scrunch in my gel.
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    I don't part at all, unless I am doing some kind of flat twist, or something cute with barettes. Most of the time I think it makes my hair fall in an awkward way. I think it's different for longer hair, though.
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    I totally agree, jeamarie. If I fuss and try to part my hair, I just cause frizz, and the part looks a little contrived compared to the overall wildness anyway.
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    I usually just worry about the front part of my part and put that to the side, (my mom tends to nag if I part in the middle) and the hair behind I let fall wear it may. My hairdresser claims that making a purposeful part in curly hair tends to look unnatural, I think I agree, at least on my head!

    I usually aprt after I put my styling products in, with my fingers. I am not meticulous about it and I only worry about the first few inches. To back the back I let it fall where it may to keep it from looking to severe!
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    I want to see pictures! Everyone post a pic of the top of your head so I can see what they look like without a part or with a finger part.
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    I normally have a middlish part. I tried to change it, and get rid of the part all together, but it never works. I just let it lie where it wants, pin back the hairs in my face. Usually it's a messy middle, last week it was doing this weird thing where it was a side part in the front half, but middle in the back, that looked kinda neat.
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    My hair basically falls into a part, I just have to move a few pieces here and there. However, it's incredibly straight and I'm not crazy about that. Hmm. Maybe I should try messing it up a little and see how that works out...
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    I do the head shake to the right so the part falls to the left. I will move some to the other side if needed. I don't have a straight part either - it's messy.
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    My part falls naturally in the middle, but I like it parted on the side. I'm used to parting my hair straight with a comb (when I wore my hair straight), but that seems to really mess up my waves now. I think I'll try some of these suggestions! :D