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Do any of you use oils in your hair?

I have 3a THICK damaged hair.

Do you find that the oil weighs your hair down, irritates your scalp, makes your hair look/feel greasy?

How do you use the oil? (How much, wet or dry hair, scrunch or rake, etc.)

What oil do you use?

And, odd question, what exactly does this do for your hair? Minimize frizz, define curls, repair damage, etc.?

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    I'd use jojoba oil if your scared of weighing your hair down.

    (Jojoba Oil is the closest thing to natural hair oils)
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    I've be doing a little bit of reading on the beautybrains.com site about oils. Found some interesting stuff. They think that jojoba oil does NOT penetrate the hair shaft. Oils they said penetrate the hair shaft include coconut oil, olive oil, and meadow(something) oil.

    I don't normally use oil except as a pre-shampoo treatment. I sometimes like to really coat my hair well with coconut oil, keep it in overnight, and then shampoo in the morning.
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    I use Africa's Best Oil. It costs something like $2 at Walmart but they have it at Walgreen's too. I don't need much oil anymore now that my hair is not as dry as it was a couple of years ago. I mainly put it in before I go to bed if I know I'm not going anywhere the next day or if I'm going to wash my hair the next morning. I also use a few drops during the day if my hair is really frizzy.


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