how do i know my hair is clean?

I know this might seem like a really dumb question, but bare with me im still a newbie to all of this!

So i condition my hair everyday in the shower (im not quite sure what the difference between conditioning and co-washing is, but i think im doing both?) and i shampoo once a week. (used to use CoN until i saw the animal products in the ingredients now im using some sunsilk samples until i can find an animal friendly non sulphate shampoo, any suggestions?)

Now i know when i have the "squeaky clean" feeling that my hair is moreso stripped of all its natural oils, rather than being clean. But what i wanna know is how do i know that my scalp is clean. And even more, how exactly should i work my fingers so that i am cleaning it right?

Should i out the shampoo on my fingertips and then massage my scalp?

What ive been doing is lathering the shampoo in the hands (like i was washing them) then stinking them in my hair and scratching at my scalp, and scrunching/shaking my hands in my hair.

The reason im asking is that sometimes after im done i still have some white buildup on my scalp, so imust be doing SOMETHING wrong.

any help?
Thanks ladies!


  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Posts: 2,369Registered Users
    You shouldn't scratch your scalp, you should use your fingertips to rub/scrub.
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  • curlybricurlybri Posts: 16Registered Users
    ive only been scratching cause thats what theyve done at the salon. lol but il try rubbing, thanks!

    No one else has any input? i know ALL of you have washed your hair at some point in your life! lol :lol:
  • asleep to audioasleep to audio Posts: 2,085Registered Users
    I have a suggestion for a sulphate free shampoo!

    [buylink=]Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream[/buylink] / [buylink=]Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo[/buylink]. They both get your hair nice and clean (that is, if you're not using any hard-to-get-out 'cones) and it's completely animal-friendly! Plus they're very moisturizing.

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    First you could co wash with your conditioner scrub with the balls of you fingertips, also you can start off with ACV rinse to remove any build you may have. There are many sulfate free shampoos out there too, there is both of jessicurls, there is [buylink=]devacurl low-poo[/buylink] ( this suds up), I think Curls curlious cleansing cream too I am not 100% sure mop top, there are alot. Also if you must shampoo you can use baby shampoo diluted too.
  • asleep to audioasleep to audio Posts: 2,085Registered Users
    Oh yeah, how could I forget Creme of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo? I mean, that's what I use! It's very moisturizing, great at detangling, plus - no sulfates!

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    The scrubbing and the water clean if you scrub it vigorously enough, it's clean. How does it smell?

  • alaskabellealaskabelle Posts: 216Registered Users
    Different conditioners seem to have a different level of "shampooness" in the way they feel when you do the Co-wash. Lighter conditioners seem to tell you better when your scalp is clean.

    Why don't you try one of the VO5 moisture milks or Suave conditioners that are very well documented on these boards? They can be too drying for the length of the hair for many people, myself included, but I do like the way they sort of feel like shampoo when you rub them on the scalp. If you prefer something more natural, the Burt's Bees conditioners such as the grapefruit shiny and the green tea color keeper are also light enough to give a good shampoo feel.

    Give it a try with a different conditioner and you will know what I mean....not "squeaky," but a definite "washed" feel.
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    Or... just forget about getting a "clean feeling" in the shower, because no matter how you do it it won't feel the same as with shampoo.
    If you want to co-wash, make sure to get the conditioner to the scalp and massage with your fingers - firm circles with your fingers, but without using your nails. If your finger tips are getting a bit sore after a while, you know you're doing it right :lol: So, firm but not rough. Then rinse thoroughly, and relax. Your scalp and hair are clean now, whether or not they "feel" clean.

    I was very concerned with this the first times I co-washed, but when the hair dried it inevitably looked and felt clean, so I just stopped thinking about how it feels in the shower.
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    thanks everyone!
    ive heard a lot of good things about the [buylink=]jessicurl cleansing cream[/buylink], i think il try that out :)

    i have/do use the VO5 moisture milks, but i run out so fast! I just bought HE None of Your Frizziness and Aussie Moist, and i have some Nature's Advantage Gallon Conditioner (Honey and Almond, and Aloe Vera)

    So scrubbing, rubbing no nails! Got it, lol. I'll try another ACV rinse if im not feeling clean at the end of the week, even though my last oen burned my eyes SO bad.

    But yeah thanks again you guys! :D
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    This is a great question, because I've been using conditioning cleansers like WEN and Blended Beauth conditioning cleansing cream more, and it's a new ball game for me. With shampoos, it's more clear-cut. With conditioners/conditioning cleansers, I know my scalp is clean when it feels clean, that pretty easy. My hair....well it's more of a look and feel thing. There's no squeak of course, but I can feel it and know that everything's washed out even though it's still hydrated. And when it's clean, if I'm using a rinse-out, that conditioner will sink right in. If it's not clean the rinseout conditioner will tell me because I have to use a lot. And my hair dries harder and frizzier.
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