regular conditioners and leave-in conditioners question

Does anyone here use both a regular rinse-out conditioner AND a leave-in conditioner on the same day after shampooing their hair? I am curious about this as I have never used a leave-in. Is it an ADDITIONAL product to be used in between regular conditioner, and one's styling product, or can a leave-in be used INSTEAD of a regular conditioner? Was looking at Garnier Fructis Curl and Shine leave-in at Walgreen's, as I've heard good things about this here.
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    I always use a rinse-out, and sometimes a leave-in (mostly just in the winter). If your hair needs very little moisture and doesn't tangle much, then I guess you could use only a leave-in. I've never done it though, it's either just a rinse-out or rinse-out AND leave-in.
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    If it's humid or my hair feels dry, I just leave in a little conditioner when I rinse. Or I rinse, then apply a dab more as a leave in - same conditioner though (RC's conditioner).
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    I only use a leave-in. My hair seems to get overconditioned when I do both.
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    I use a rinse-ou and rinse completely then reapply a tad as a leave-in after squeezing out some water or use a seperate leave-in.
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    I think it may depend on how much moisture your hair needs. When I condition cleanse, I only use a leave-in under a gel. But when I shampoo I use a rinse-out followed by a leave-in and gel
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