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My little one has acid reflux, and I have a couple of questions.

How did your acid reflux baby sleep? I am terrified of laying her flat on her back in the crib, because I'm afraid if she refluxes during her sleep (which she does) she might choke. Right now, she is sleeping in her swing, so that she's kind of sitting up, but I don't know how much longer she'll want to do that, and I'd like for her to eventually use the really expensive crib that we bought. :D

How long did the acid reflux last? She'll be four months tomorrow, and I thought, from what the doctors said, that we'd be done with this by now.......

When did you start your baby on rice cereal? The doctor suggested that we start her on rice cereal at 4 months to help with the AR, but she still seems so little to start real food! Will the rice cereal help with the AR?

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    How did your acid reflux baby sleep?
    Both of my kids had reflux, and when they were in their cribs, I elevated the head of the mattress.

    How long did the acid reflux last? Probably until 6 months or so... it tends to lessen in severity when they are better able to sit upright.

    When did you start your baby on rice cereal? I've heard this, but not from either of the peds we used. I didn't offer solids until close to 5 months, and I did it then because they were showing an interest.
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    I slept my AR baby on his tummy or on his side. He puked constantly, sleeping or not, and I wasn't going to risk him choking while on his back. We don't put puking adults on their backs, so I sure wouldn't do it to a baby.

    His reflux lasted about 1 year. It got significantly better at 6 months, but it did take a full year to stop the projectile vomitting.

    I started him on cereal at about 4 months on the advice if the pediatrician. It didn't do a darn thing to help the AR.
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    S only slept with someone holding her upright (like, her facing me, head on my shoulder) for the first four or five months. My parents even took shifts because the person holding her had to sit in a recliner and sleep sitting up. She would NOT sleep on her back, it made everything much worse. When we finally put her down, she slept on her tummy.

    She was well enough to sleep on her own by five or six months. She still had the occasional issue up till nine months (and she's still a tremendous puker) but usually Maalox Ultra would knock it out.

    Everyone recommends the damn rice ceral but in my experience and with what I've read, it almost always makes things much much worse.
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    Poopsie wrote:
    My little one has acid reflux, and I have a couple of questions.

    How did your acid reflux baby sleep?

    Chas was a horrible sleeper with Reflux. I ended up buying the padded pillows that would elevate him. These work till he start rolling around. After they are rolling or moving a lot you can buy an elevated pillow that goes under the sheet in your crib. I got mine at Babies R Us for around 14.00.

    How long did the acid reflux last?
    Chas still has reflux. I took him off his meds around 9 months and it was horrible again. He's back on the meds. As soon as he is weened I will attempt taking him off the meds again. My doctor said it's usually a year when a big difference is noticed. My sister's kids (4 years and 7 years) still have issues once in awhile but they are old enough to tell mama they are hurting.

    When did you start your baby on rice cereal?

    I started him on cereal around 4 1/2 months. Nothing else until 6 months. It didn't make a difference with the reflux or sleeping unfortunately.
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    Are you sure it's acid reflux (GER) and not just milk reflux? Mine had milk reflux. She outgrew it at about 7 months. It didn't cause her any discomfort. There was no projectile vomiting or anything. Milk would just spill out of her mouth and she didn't even seem to notice. We started her on cereal in a bottle at around 3 months because of it but didn't make any difference. It didn't affect her weight or health at all.

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    How did your acid reflux baby sleep?

    The meds really helped us, he needed them to eat at all. There were many times he slept in his swing in the living room with one of us on the couch.

    How long did the acid reflux last?

    About 5 months, that is when we took him off the meds cold turkey with about 2-3 incedents since. (he was on reglan and zantac until then to help control it.

    When did you start your baby on rice cereal?

    6 months, I did not want to start any earlier and my pedi said it was not necesary any earlier, taht most of the time their belliers aren;t ready.

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    How did your acid reflux baby sleep? First I had her sleep on her side with one of those wedges then we raised the head of her matteress. When she started rolling over the dr told me to get this thing which looked like the baby slings we put on. It slipped over the matteress and kept her from turning over or scooting down to the lower part of the crib.

    How long did the acid reflux last? Sam's lasted until she was about 15 months. It got much better at about 9 months. That's when the massive amounts of vomit just shooting out slowed down considerably

    When did you start your baby on rice cereal? I started her at 4 months. It did nothing for the ar except make the clean up harder.
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