I'm new in Euro!!

petitfoxpetitfox Registered Users Posts: 128
Hi all euro Curlies!!
I just wanted to introduce myself, I just arrived in Germany, where I will be living in permanence now :) !!
I'm running out of hair products, and soon, will have to face the europeen product novelties... mm, I'm a little clueless.
Do any of you also follow the CG routine? What products do you use in Germany.. Is Weleda good?
I also just might order from the Devacurl line, Lorraine Massey has saved my hair with her book, so I trust her!!!

Thank you so much, I am looking forward to any suggestion!! :D
2C-3A. PW: on request
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  • KinkyRootsKinkyRoots Registered Users Posts: 15
    Hi petitfox,

    Can't help with German products specifically :? I've used the weleda calendula co for washing. It seemed to work well

    I've also ordered some deva curl products (which have yet to arrive, due to chrimbo post) from curlmart but the postage makes them pricey. There is a lady selling jessicurl and some other CG friendly brands from holland. Postage much cheaper and quicker but prices higher. It's called mariposa import.

    Let me know if you find good products - I have a friend in germanywho could post them to me :lol:
    3 B/A. Grazing waist length dark brown with blonde highlights (soon to be hennaed red)

    CG for 6 months using No-poo, One Conditioner. Styling products still searching for HG but liking Biolage Gelee, Abba Weightless and Angell.

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