Eyelid swollen/irritated after applying eye cream!! HELP?

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This past Saturday I applied a L'oreal eye cream (the one that fights wrinkles) on the top and bottom of my eyelids---and the next day my eyes were swollen, and above the lid itself there were creases/wrinkles that had formed--its strange.

Well--all week they have been--they have gotten a bit better but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar, and if so, what happened or what did they do to help the swelling go down??

The eye doctor just said to wait and give it time but I'd really, really appreciate any advice/help. Thanks,



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    I think the rule of thumb (or eye :wink: ) is not to apply eye cream on your lid---I read that somewhere--I think it is due to the fact the skin is very thin there. :?
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    so what is good to apply there when its dry? oil?

    i am just wondering what i should do help the swelling go down!
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    I would call your primary doc and ask her/him. That is an area you have to be careful about putting anything--sorry could not be more help :?
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  • pshukla4pshukla4 Posts: 37Registered Users
    I did! He said "um--it'll take time to go down"--not much help!! I guess thats all I can do! Thanks!
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    Did you call a dermatologist? They're a little bit better equipped to help. I won't go into the time I tried to use Nair on my brows b/c I thought I could avoid the pain of plucking. :oops:

    I'd also call L'oreal's customer service. Obviously something was wrong with that batch of cream. :(
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    Soak a clean wash cloth in cold water and lie back with this compress over your eyes. (keep it as dripping wet as possible). Listen to music and relax.

    Keep refreshing it and do as often as you have the time for. My doctor recommended this when I overdid it with an "at home" spa treatment that made the skin around my eyes all inflamed an irritated.

    Really works.
  • pshukla4pshukla4 Posts: 37Registered Users
    actually i did cold ice compresses a few times and they didn't really help; would warm ones help or cold ones?
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    even if your eyelids are dry, NEVER put anything on the lid!!!!

    i wouldn't do warm compresses, just the cold.
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    Cold ones. I did it for over an hour and a half ( re-wetting it every fifteen minutes or so) the first time, and there was immediate improvement.

    You might want to give it another chance.
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    I use flowers of camomile that I put in water that has boiled. I let it in water for some minutes and I filter the water tainted by the camomile flowers to obtain water without little pieces of the flower.
    After that I put germfree compresses in the water and I put it on my eyes (water is not hot anymore).
    It helps me when I have irritations or swollen eyes.

    Cornflower water could also helps if it is a light irritation.

    If it goes on you should go to see an ophtalmologist.

    I was told that eye cream may not be put on the lids. I recently bought an eye mask that I can put all around my eyes (on my lids). I bought it because the area around my eyes was dry and it is especially made to be put on the lids too. It is from Sisley and until now it works quite well.
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    thanks for all the replies. i have 2 questions: i've been putting cold ice (wrapped in cloth or paper towel) over the eye--and it improves for a day, and goes back to being puffy on the lid----(1)how long before your eyelid was back to normal?

    it's been 2 weeks now---(2)should i see a doctor? i saw an eye doc--he was no help. i'm going to see a skin doc next or a regular doctor next cuz its the skin on the eye, not the actual eye itself.

    please let me know your thoughts--thanks,

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    Go to a doctor--a family practice type would do....if he/she thinks you need to see a dermatologist they would send you to one.
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  • pshukla4pshukla4 Posts: 37Registered Users
    my eye did improve temporarily after doing ice compresses, then i stopped for a few days, and it's back to being puffy!!!

    i have a doc appt on tuesday; but i was long did it take for those of you who have experienced this for the eye to get back to normal???

    for how long did you wait and do compresses???

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    Miacurl and Rouqinne,

    I never knew this thing about not putting eye cream on the lid. Now, why would it be so bad if we put makeup there? I used to put Clinique's eye cream on my lid before putting eye makeup on because it helped it to stick. What do you think?
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    Ditto, Miacurl and Rouqinne,

    I never heard that about putting anything on the lid either. I've been using a very gentle cream around the eye for years, like Chocolate Curls, to make makeup go on smoother. No problems. But now I'm starting to use anti-wrinkle and brightening creams and wanting to put them all around my eyes, including my lids. But I shouldn't?

    Can anyone elaborate? Thanks!

    Pshukla4, I hope your eyes are better. Sounds to me like you're having a reaction to one of the ingredients. I had a similar reaction to a mascara a few years ago and it did take a while to calm down, but eventually it did. My opthalmologist made me go completely without anything on the eye except a very gentle cleanser and a steroid topical until it cleared. That's ultimately what made it better.

    Good luck!
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    Bought this cream yesterday. At Wal-Mart. Less than $10. Seemed like a good deal. Needed a night moisturizer anyway. Washed face last night. Applied this (not to my eyelids) and woke up this morning looking like a zombie. Total both eyelids swollen. Will take this back to store today along with printed out email that I am not the only one this happened to. Bottom line, what helps. Thankfully I do not have work today. Cold compresses? Benedryl? Nothing like this has ever happened before.
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    that happened to me once several years ago -- was with a la prairie eye cream. i stopped using it, did cold compresses, and i had cle de peau eye balm on hand which seemed to help it quite a bit. (i was told by a dept store cosmetic clerk that lots of women had thar same issue with la p;prairie)
    within 3 days it was back to normal. your eyelids have been swollen for some time so a visit to a derm would be a good idea.

    my eyelids are sensitive -- i cannot use powder eye shadows as i seem to be allergic to something in them.

    i do use a cream on my lids, no other one has ever given me a problem. the one that i am currently using for past 2 years is Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Cream, it is very moisturizing and price is not so bad, in fact, i subscribe to sake emails and periodically (like maybe every 2 months?) they offer 20% off a purchase beauty included and free shipping, so that is when i buy it.

    whatever you do decide to use i would do wait til my eyelids were totally back to normal, then do a tiny test patch. (if they are dry what about something like aquaphor?) some dermatologists are helpful with recommendations.

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    I also bought L'Oreal Eye Serum and under my left eye......its puffy and red!!! The other eye is just fine! What the heck is going on??? Any ideas or suggestions?