Re: Cleansing and Makeup Removal, how thorough?

JerseyCurlJerseyCurl Posts: 945Registered Users
Hi, this is something that I am confused about and I hope that someone hear can help. When cleansing the skin to remove makeup, dirt and excess oils, how clean do you have to get?

I have heard that you have to remove all makeup and leave no residue. Does this mean that if I am cleansing and removing makeup with a cleanser and move on to the toner should I not be able to see any makeup residue on cotton rounds that I use to apply the toner, should the cotton pads be clear with toner ? Or if I use a washcloth should I keep cleansing with washcloth until it is clear of any makeup and dirt.

Also, in your opinion what is the best method to achieve a perfect cleansing routine. Is it the Oil Cleansing Method, the Double Cleansing Method, the Soap and Water method, the Cold Cream and wipe off with tissue but don't rinse off method or the wash with a very lathery cleanser and follow with a makeup remover and toner method or the No Poo type approach method ? Can you tell why I am soo confused? :lol: Thanks.
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    I like to use an oil cleanser for my eyemakeup (an oil that has had a PEG ingredient added to make it water soluable), then follow with a wash with my non-detergent cleanser. I don't use a toner, because I don't find toners necessary in my regimen. I can tell when my skin feels clean.
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    I currently use wipes, but rinse after.
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    JuicyTube wrote:
    I currently use wipes, but rinse after.
    I wish I could use wipes except I have not been able to find one that does not have fragrance and my skin can not tolerate fragrance. :?
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  • JerseyCurlJerseyCurl Posts: 945Registered Users
    Bump. :D
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    i use wipes when i don't have a lot of makeup on, but use remover when i wear a LOT (sometimes, it can be quite a bit).

    often, i will think i've got it all off, but when i wake up in the morning i will find some mascara residue under my eyes. i don't stress over it.
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