Short and curly?

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I'm soo sick of my hair, I finally got it under control, but I hate the length. It's right past my armpits (ha) and I'm type 3a, with a touch more waves than curls. I was wondering if I cut it right at my shouldes or even shorter, if it would be manageable?

If anyone has any good pictures, they would be much appreciated :)


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    I have the exact same question. Can't wait for the answer =]
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    It should be way easier to detangle and such, unless you don't have those problems already. 3a tends to get less curly when it's shorter.
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    I have my hair curly and short and I love it!!!

    I would say that im a 3b and I have it kinda like victoria beckhams just a tad bit longer... so its a little longer in the front and really short in the back..... the longest bit is just at my sholders.

    But I love it!!!1
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    I'm a type 2C/3B and I've got my hair betwen shoulder and chin-length right now. I had always heard that the shorter I cut it the curlier and poofier it would get. WRONG.

    Yeah, it got curlier, but I love it! As for the poof, it's the same as before!
    The only thing I've noticed is that when I first cut it (about a month ago) there was a lot more curl and less poof, but as my layers have grown out it's a lot poofier than it was before which gives me a Barbra Streisand poodle look. It's okay, but thankfully I'm getting it cut tomorrow.

    Here's my hair when I first cut it:

    Here's my hair now:

    hope that helps!
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    my hair is just below shoulder length, and i find that it's the best length for me :]
    the longer it gets, the more i lose my curl. but everyones hair is different so yeah, this really hasnt been much help haha. xxx
    ps. kendallina_x your hair is beautiful!
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    My hair is just below shoulder length, it's 3A but when it grows longer it gets straighter :s I prefer it shorter like so it rests on your shoulders if you get me? lol
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    i just got my 3a/3b hair cut (i think im 3b but not sure) and the shortest piece in the front is about an inch under my chin when dry and curly and the longest picec in the back is about 1/2 under my shoulder when dry and curly. its cute and depending on which products i use, my hair can seem much shorter, or much longer. (right now its a tiny but bit longer than usual because i experimented with gf soft curl cream which seems to weigh down my hair a bit.)
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    I was sick of my BSL hair last November, and got it cut to chin length. I don't think it was a great move, the curl went a little weird...but when it got a little longer I got side bangs, which was a definite improvement. It's now shoulder-length when dry, and just past my collarbone when I pull it straight. I like it much better now. Though I've also lost a bunch of weight and that may partly account for my feeling better about it, hehe
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    Thanks a lot guys. I'm leaning more towards cutting short now, then I was before. So thanks again :)