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I was reading various posts about how to successfully dry hair in the morning (without any heat) so thats it's fully dry and styled when heading out the door.
I have 3B to 3C type hair (some of my curls are a little kinky, others aren't). What I want is to fully dry my hair in the morning without the use of heat Whatsoever.
In order for me to have well formed curls in the morning it is vital that I wet my hair a good amount. I find that this is a problem because I would need to wait for my hair to dry and in the wintertime this may cause me to get sick (even if I'm indoors) :roll:
So after collecting all this I began thinking......
Perhaps I can create a hair regimen that would allow me to wet it a minimal amount in the morning just to revitalize the shape of my curls.
Then I realized that I may be able to do this successfully if I use a product that will hold the form of my curls extremely well without: drying it out or making it "crunch." Maybe with a special oil perhaps.
I have yet to make or find something that will do this.:shock:

I find linseed oil is great for hair. It works as a gel does except it doesn't dry hair out and it makes it shine.
Also, the omega 3 oils nourish the hair.
The only problem is it takes So long to dry.

I think I should do more experimenting and less thinking since I will not know more about what I need until I begin trying different hair recipes and regimens. :D
If anyone has a hair recipe recommendation for what I need please let me know.

Thanks lots :!:

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