Rosacea- need makeup remover for face recs

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I'm wearing some heavy duty makeup these days to cover my redness. I'm looking for a makeup remover for my face that is OF COURSE non-irritating, drying etc. etc. I am using Eucerin rosacea cleanser but it is terrible to remove make up, great on bare skin, but my skin is only bare in the AM when I awaken. thanks!
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    we just had a thread about skin cleansers...
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    Is your face very sensitized, like mine is? For a while I could only use water, but I still had to use something when I used mineral makeup to cover up redness. In the morning, I still just use lukewarm water, and it works fine.

    I didn't see that other thread either! Here's what I've been using for my face: Target brand makeup removing facial cleansing cloths. They seem to work better than any of the other products I've tried (removing the makeup well) and don't cause a reaction. They're supposed to be like Pond's makeup removing cloths, but the new version of those seems irritating to me. I hate it when they change the old standbys!

    I am also now trying Free and Clear cleanser (ordered from National Allergy Store) which is a hand soap without fragrances, but supposedly can be used as a shower gel, facial cleanser, etc. I've tried it as a hand soap, and it's good as that. It does have chemicals, but no fragrances or harsh stuff. Also trying for my hands Tom's of Maine natural cleanser, which contains "no chemicals." I'm not sure if they recommend it for the face, but it's possible. It has coconut-based soap and coconut and lemongrass oils in it. It may be available somewhere like Trader Joe's but I had to order it from

    Those cloths that claim to clean makeup off seem harsh to me and would require lots of rubbing/scrubbing--a no-no for most rosacea skin (including mine).

    The Aveeno mentioned in the other thread irriatated my rosacea skin and did not remove the makeup very well either. It left my usually oily skin feeling dry.

    As always, your mileage may vary--everyone's skin and hair react differently. HTH :)
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