do u try to follow the CG routine?

Well, I tried. I gave the curly hair thing a shot, but honestly, I just don't like how I look with curly hair. So I'm going back to straightening it with my flat iron. My question is, should I try to stick with the no sulfates, xanes and -cones routine? Or was that only to keep curly hair looking its best?
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Been wearing my hair straight for years, now ready to embrace the curls for my curly daughter's sake. Please help me!


  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Posts: 2,369Registered Users
    That method will help your hair wether you wear it curly or straight.
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  • Botticelli VenusBotticelli Venus Posts: 109Registered Users
    Agreed! Those products are really good for your hair in general.
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    For me it has been much easier to straighten, since I do the CG routine.
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  • SpunGoldSpunGold Posts: 454Registered Users
    Can anyone recommend a cone-free straightening / heat protecting product, preferably something I could find at Ulta? I've been CG since March and don't want to spoil the progress I've made, but my husband has been begging me to straighten occasionally.

    I don't own a flat iron, but I have a salon-quality hair dryer that did a decent job when I was using cones.
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