Bad to leave in oil before a flat iron?

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Would it totally fry your hair? :shock: I've been doing this obliviously. Would it better to put it in after? Is it a heat protectant?
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    I would use it after.

    Most oils are used in cooking, what do you think happens when oil is heated in extremely high temparatures? It basically cooks your hair.

    But I don't know if it depends WHICH oil you use. Probably if you use grapeseed or olive oil. But if you use Jojoba, it might be alright because it's the oil closest matching to hair's natural oil
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    Well I was using coconut oil and olive oil, but both of them penetrate into the hair shaft as well. All I know is I think I'll definitley stop using it until after.
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    I use jojoba oil every time I straighten and it doesn't fry my hair. First I leave in lots of conditioner and blow dry my hair without worrying about getting it straight, then I apply jojoba oil and iron it section by section. More jojoba oil after ironing. Leaves my hair soft, silky, and shiny.
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    I was wondering the same thing. I use Jojoba when I straighten also. Although lately I've been liking my hair just blown out without the flat iron, I end up with curly ends. (my hair is long now) I blew it out today and thought my arm was going to fall off and then I was sweating so much the underside started to get wet and curly again.

    I just left it but oiled it to tame the frizz. Sorry about the guano, had to share. :lol:
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