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I posted this over on the color board but haven't gotten any responses yet so I'm reposting over here hoping someone has some thoughts!

Hi All

I used to color my own hair, did so for years. When I would do it I always colored all of the hair, not just the roots. Well, over the years I caused a lot of damage (surprise!) so now I go to a salon for coloring. My hair is colored very blond but naturally I'm darker. I've been wanting to go darker but for the year that I've been salon coloring my stylist only colors my roots. SO, my hair doesn't really seem to be changing color very quickly, she only does an inch or two every other month

Does that seem right to all of you?? I guess I expected her to color the entire thing the darker shade and then do some highlights. That is what I wanted. Can you color darker over blond? And when I say darker I don't mean dark, just more of a honey blond, light brown rather than this light blond that I have now.

Blessings, Bridget


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    Hmmm. doesn't sound to me, no. I'm wondering why your stylist isn't doing your roots plus an overall semi-permanent color on the rest? To blend it all & gently darken. You might want to try a conditioner aimed at toning down color, reducing brassiness, something in a honey blonde, to mellow & go a tone darker. That might give you enough subtle change without coloring the rest. Perhaps your stylist is worried about damage, in which case the color depositing cond would be a good option. I use Shikai & it extends my time between coloring by at least an extra month. Keeps me from going too red & light, which my porous hair tends to do.
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