Summer CK Users! How do you apply it?

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I get the impression that lots of curlies here use CurlKeeper in the summer (or when it's more humid) for frizz control.

I use it with good results in drier weather, but haven't found it to work for me in the summer.

Going on the theory that the problem is how I apply there a secret or a technique?

I usually apply over a leave-in conditioner on very wet hair, blot dry with a non-terry towel and air dry. I use 3 quarter-size pools. More than that, my hair just gets really stringy.
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    I don't use a leave-in in the summer, do I do use CK as my first layer. I apply it to very wet hair (not blotted) and rake through 1-2 big puddles. If I'm using a cream, I apply it next, then my gel or mousse. I brush my hair to re-clump it before the mousse/gel.
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    Hmmm. I have tried applying the CK first, right out of the shower. Then I would put on either a leave-in or JoiWhip. It didn't work too well. Maybe I need to leave some time between the CK and the next layer. Or just do CK without anything else.
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    I use CK first and I don't use a leave-in in the summer. What you said about leaving some time in between applying the CK and the other products is something that a few people around here do. I *have* used CK as the last layer, for some reason it seemed to work better for me that way last year.
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    Right now CK is working best for me if I just smooth a puddle over very wet hair, plop for a short time and then add my regular gel. I'm skipping the leave in right now.

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