ARG! Can't find a cheap-ish Devacut in NJ!

I've really been wanting to get a Deva cut, but Devachan is sooo expensive and out of the way I've been researching places in NJ that are Deva concept certified. I found a place that's certified and seemed to have a good price on their website: $25 [and up] for a girls cut at Antonio's Salon and Spa which seems to get decent reviews overall. So I called to arrange an appointment and they say that they usually charge $75 for a cut with one of their certified stylists [Chris, if that makes any difference]!!!!! :shock: :x I said, on your website it said $25, and then they said that's for the stylists who aren't certified. Then they're like, we can arrange an appointment with one of our stylists who aren't certified. [But if they aren't certified, what's the point of me driving a half hour to go there anyway?] So then they told me to hold on, and different lady asked me if she could speak to my mom. We have company over so I said that my mom is busy, and that she could call later, but she wouldn't be very useful anyway [which is true]. The lady asked me to have my mom call later and hung up.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a Deva certified place that doesn't charge more than $40 or $50? BTW, I'm in central NJ, if that helps. Soooo mad!!!!!
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    Hate to break it to ya, but I'd guess that $75 is going to be the minimum for a Deva-trained stylist. When I got cut by a Deva-trained stylist, she charged me about $90. And real Deva cuts are costing waaay upwards of $100. Sorry, this wasn't very encouraging lol.
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    Thanks SapphireWingstar :lol: :roll:

    There's another place nearby that charges $45, but I haven't seen any reviews for them. They look veryyyyy kiddy friendly. Its called The House Spa in Millburn.

    Random, but what are aveda salon cuts like?
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    Yes, there is a salon in Central NJ with a Deva certified stylist-the Boca Salon and Spa in North Brunswick, NJ. They are located on Route 130 North in the Lion's Shopping Plaza near North Brunswick High School. The owner, Anthony, is Deva certified, and the charge for a cut is either $40 or $45. I've been there twice, and was very happy both times. Unfortunately, since it's almost an hour from me I've stopped going there for now.

    Good luck-
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    The Laboratory Hair Studio in Morristown has Deva trained stylists. The price varies depending on who cuts your hair. I go to Eric and he's $65 but some are less.
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